How To Sell At Auctions

Step One - Evaluation

Once we receive your information our experts will begin determining the estimated total value of your consignments. This valuation is based on extensive market data, prior sales history, and access to our exclusive audience.

We can then can provide you a fair assessment and work with you to determine if your consignments will be sold in our retail gallery or be listed in one of our upcoming auctions.

Step Two - Retail & Auction

Once your consignment is evaluated it will be placed either in our retail gallery or an upcoming auction. This determination is based on value, rarity, and many other contributing factors like the tastes of our audience.

Regardless of their sale platform, your items will get the same studio treatment. Our team will photograph, research, and describe your items accurately so that they can be marketed at their highest possible value.

Step Three - Settlement & Payment

Depending on the conditions of the sale, you can expect payment once the buyer has received the item. At auction, items are sold with no return policy so payment is generally quicker.

If sold retail, shipping may delay payment from the date of the sale. Please note that Rock Auction Gallery has a global audience, and shipping times on your consignments can vary.

You will receive full documentation from start to finish on the stages your consignments are currently in, as well as forms regarding their sale for your own records.


Rock Auction Gallery uses an online platform to track your consignment inventory as well as keep in touch with all of our consigners. You will be provided with a link to view your inventory tracker via email.